Mental Wellbeing

Life is not always easy or straightforward. We're here to help

The majority of people go through difficult and challenging times at some point. iQ Therapies qualified counsellors offer individual and couples sessions, giving you a chance to discuss your feelings openly and honestly without any judgement or bias.


At some time in our lives most of us experience feelings of stress, disappointment, loss and grief. At these times talking to a professional counsellor can help us deal with our feelings and emotions.

We work from a person-centric base but also integrate other methods as they feel appropriate to each client, we also offer relationship and couples counselling.

Going for counselling and admitting that you need help is a positive step in itself. Counselling can help people in any number of ways, some which are; enabling you to discuss your problems honestly and openly, deal with issues that are preventing you from achieving your goals and ambitions, and have a more positive outlook on life.

Initial Consultation: £55
Follow Up Appointments: £55

For bookings: contact Ruth Jackson on 07712 589871