What We Do

Clinically-proven treatments designed to improve your quality of life

iQ Therapies offer a number of services designed to boost your mental and physical wellbeing, from physiotherapy and rehabilitation to counselling and support to relaxation techniques such as massage and aromatherapy.

Our Services


Hands-on and exercise-based principles to help you recover from injury and return to normal life, sport and activity.

Sports Massage

Ideal for athletes or those with physically demanding lifestyles, sports massage offers a number of health benefits.

Sports Rehabilitation

Whether you’re a high-level athlete or simply love recreational sport, we will get you back to performing at your peak.

Women’s Health

Whether you’re ante- or postnatal, we’re here to support your health.


Discuss your feelings openly and honestly without any judgement or bias. Individual and couples sessions available.

Complementary Therapies

From hot stone massage to reflexology, we will help you truly relax and recharge.


Exclusive events and workshops designed to improve your health and wellbeing.

Fitness & Classes

Join like-minded people and enjoy making a positive change to your health.